How To Choose a Voice Over for Videos

Picking the right voice over for explainer video can make or break your results. It’s easy to see why, because the best voiceover can add style, but also character to your videos. Plus, even if the video might be amazing, you also need a suitable voiceover to make it stand out. After all, it’s the complete package that you want to go for. With that being said, we made a quick list encompassing what you should be looking for in an explainer voice-over.

Voice Over for Explainer Videos


One of the first things you want to focus on when choosing the voice over for explainer video has to be the accent. You can go for a more general accent if you want the video to be feasible country-wide or even internationally, in the case of English. However, if you want the video to be focused on a specific region, then it makes sense to hire a voice over person with a certain accent. The accent is going to shift the overall perspective and style of the video, so you shouldn’t take that for granted. Try to go for a more cohesive, unique, and engaging accent while also not diminishing it.


Another thing that goes hand in hand with the accent has to be the overall pronunciation. The idea here is that you want to ensure that your voice over for explainer video is very easy to understand. If the voiceover is hard to understand, then it will lead to certain problems and challenges that might be hard to overcome. With that in mind, you do want to ensure that the accent doesn’t affect pronunciation too much. Once you start doing that, it’s going to make the process more convenient, while also maintaining the process very easy to convey!

Who is your target audience?

When you choose an explainer video voice over, it’s imperative to figure out your target audience. It might not seem like a lot at first, but the voice over for explainer video will vary quite a bit according to who you are targeting. A more mature audience needs a professional voiceover, which has authority, but also calmness.

However, if you target a younger audience, you want the voice to be full of energy. That’s why you must pay a lot of attention to the target audience while also narrowing down what matters for you and what things you like. There’s no denying that both parts are interesting in their own right, but at the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is to have a voice that fits your audience. Otherwise, the explainer video might not deliver the results you expect.

Style and tone

Speaking of that, the voice over for explainer video also needs to have a specific tone and style. Create a concept and see what would be appealing to your particular audience. A conversational tone is usually better because it allows everyone to understand what’s said within the content without delivering any sense of rush or challenge. A radio voice sounds great, but it’s not always a good fit for explainer videos.

You can test out different voice styles and tones to see what works in your case and what can be improved. The reality is that every explainer video voice over can be different, based on the target audience and many other things at hand. Don’t rush into a specific style without knowing what you are getting into. But for the most part, the entire process of picking a good voiceover is not overly difficult.

The main focus is to test ideas like retro, modern, traditional, superhero, and other styles that can be a good fit. Once you have these, see what fits your specific vibe and if it can deliver the results you expect. At the end of the day, a good explainer video doesn’t have to be complex, nor should it pose any challenges. But you always want it to be creative, engaging, and fun. Once you have that, the results as a whole can be exceptional.

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Script and concept

Some companies that create videos also offer a voice over for explainer video. That means you can come with your script or they can write it for you. Most of the time, all you need is a concept, and then you can start creating the explainer video script. A lot of people think that it can be easy to create a great script, but you really need to know your audience and understand what they are looking for.

You can experiment with different script styles and see where it all lands. For the most part, a good explainer video should have a solid concept and a great script to get things started. Then, you go from there and immerse yourself in the experience. That alone can help deliver an excellent quality and a unique sense of value, no matter the situation.

How can you record the best voice over for explainer video?

There are a few important aspects you need to focus on during this process. First, you need to ensure that you choose the right equipment for the project. On top of that, you also need to find a quiet place where you can record, as it will help you eliminate problems and ensure the results are very good.

For the most part, you won’t need to many takes, but a few are still necessary. You want to try it out as many times as you need in order to get that perfect, buttery-smooth result. Also, remember to practice the script multiple times so you won’t stop mid-recording. And yes, you need to be certain that you edit the voiceover properly in order to avoid issues.

Having the best explainer video voice over is a great idea if you want to make your videos stand out. You always want to avoid any rush and focus on keeping those videos as engaging and empowering as you can. Plus, a very good voiceover elevates your videos; it allows them to stand out of the crowd, while also getting really impressive recognition for your brand. Do it right, and you will be able to generate lots of conversions in the long run.

Should you hire a team of experts if you need a voice over for explainer video?

Yes, you always want to ensure that you have the best professionals working on your voice over for explainer video. We believe that a great explainer video voice over can provide excellent benefits and a solid way to stand out as a business. Here at TruExplainers, we can help you create state-of-the-art explainer videos at some of the best prices on the market. On top of that, we can also help with voice overs for your videos as well.

We know how difficult it can be for anyone to create a great voice over for their videos. That’s why we work closely with some of the best voice over talent internationally to help deliver the right tone, voice, and style for your explainer video. If you need a great explainer video with a high quality voice over, all of which is fully customized to fit your needs, contact us today for a quote and more information!

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