6 Explainer Video Marketing Tips

An explainer video offers one of the best ways to educate your audience and help them better know your products/services while generating leads. With the right explainer video marketing tips, it’s easier to promote products without significant expenses. Whether you go for a screencast, whiteboard, animated, or live-action explainer video, you want to generate emotion and show everyone the type of value you can bring to the table. Here are some tips!

Explainer Video Marketing Tips

Always keep your videos entertaining

Even if the topic you want to explain is serious, try to add a fun spin to it. Not everything is meant to be serious; in many cases, you want to lighten things up. Quirkiness, fun, and playfulness can go a long way when establishing a connection with your audience. Once you have that, it becomes much easier to deliver an excellent result and an outstanding way to bring more attention to your brand.

Keep your explainer videos mobile-friendly

You will notice that around 75% of all video content is consumed via mobile devices. So one of the top explainer video marketing tips is to make your videos mobile-friendly. Make them responsive, adaptable to various resolutions, and keep them very high quality. That way, every viewer will have an excellent experience upon watching your content. A great experience can translate into leads and sales, so keep that in mind.

Promote all your explainer videos on social media

Posting videos on social media can lead to them becoming viral. There are billions of social media accounts watching videos every month. So it’s crucial to use these explainer video marketing tips and promote your videos there. You can use TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social platforms to reach and educate audiences.

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Harness the power of email marketing

What’s great about email marketing is that it helps you connect with busy people. Not everyone can watch a video right now, but almost everyone checks their email. With the right email title, you can instill a sense of excitement that brings people toward your explainer video. Try to send an email campaign to your audience at least once a month and encourage them to share all this content with their connections.

Experiment with the video length

The global attention timespan is shorter and shorter these days. As a result, long videos won’t always do very well. You want to try and identify the audience’s pain points, then write a video script highlighting solutions to those issues. You want to show how your product can help and what advantages you provide.

However, it would help if you kept it short because those videos between 30 to 60 seconds tend to grab the most views/attention. You never want to create highly long explainer videos, as those will have less appeal. Short and straightforward explainer videos are always the best option. Remove the fluff, use a great animation style, and establish a story around the entire video; then, people will gravitate toward your content.

Showcase your brand in the video

It’s a great idea to focus on personal branding; if you can, you should consider adding various personal branding features inside the video. Not only does that make the video more engaging, but it also allows you to add a unique perspective. Add in movement, high-quality graphics, and show off your brand logo and even messaging if possible.

Answer the FAQs

A wonderful idea is to use the explainer video to answer FAQs with interactivity in mind. That can be an excellent approach because it helps you save time while enhancing the process. Write the FAQ and then create a script around them to deliver a fantastic explainer video.


Using these explainer video marketing tips can be an advantage if you’re looking to connect with your audience and generate lots of leads. Remember, the focus has to be on delivering an exceptional video while also bringing value and excellent quality to the entire process. We firmly believe that a great explainer video can generate tons of sales, especially if you promote your brand and include a proper call to action at the end!

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