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Explainer videos offer an exceptional way to convey knowledge and educate your customer base while increasing your industry exposure. In addition, a great explainer video can help boost your branding efforts. While the video quality is crucial, you also need a great explainer video script that helps generate engagement and keeps people glued to the screen. Here are some ideas you should use!

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Create a seamless writing process

Getting started is the most challenging part for most. You can begin by writing ideas down and establishing the framework. Then, you have to define an intro, the video body, and the main ideas. Ultimately, you can sum things up and encourage people to take action and use the information they just learned.

Make it a great story

A good idea when you’re writing is to make the explainer video feel like a story. That boosts engagement and encourages people to stay until the end. You should always start the writing process with a problem you want to solve; then, throughout the video, you share a solution to it. Avoid making it too long-winded; instead, you want to be straightforward and maintain high confidence.

Write a very appealing intro

The intro of your explainer video script will usually make or break the immersion of your audience. Start with a sentence that delivers excitement and which also makes people curious. Within any niche, you want to show a problem people face and how you relate to that. Then the video will include a complete guideline with the things you need to do as a user to take advantage of that system.

Another thing to consider is to keep sentences short and straightforward. Drawn-out sentences don’t blend well with the video format. Instead, use short sentences since they are much easier to understand by anyone in the audience.

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Speak directly to the viewer

One of the tricks you can use is to speak directly to the viewer. You will see a lot of explainer videos that use personal language. That’s on purpose because they want to establish a connection with the person watching that video. Once the viewer becomes a part of that experience, it’s a lot easier to draw their attention and provide solutions. It can help boost your audience growth, gain more recommendations, and even generate sales.

Speak from your heart

One of the ways explainer video script writing works very well is when you add emotion into the mix. Try to use stats, anecdotes, and your tone to communicate emotions with others. Stick with the main topic, though.

However, right from the start, you want to start with a problem people face since it shows you understand their needs. Then the video will help provide a detailed solution to the issue, which will generate a sense of trust.

Watch out for the explainer video length

An explainer video is not very long; usually, these can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3-5 minutes at most. It’s widespread for explainer video scripts to have around 130 to 150 words per minute. For a 3-minute video, 400 to 450 words is an ideal length.

Go through the explainer video script multiple times

Editing might be needed since you want to remove any complicated words. You can also rewrite phrases or sentences that don’t fit the tone or ideas. Ideally, this is also when you want to structure your video and distinguish paragraphs. If you wish, you can also use this editing phase as the perfect time to add specific notes. These will help guide the explainer video creation process and provide crucial tips on how to bring the content to life engagingly.

Add some funny bits

Explainer videos aren’t meant to be extremely serious. In fact, adding some fun nuances and ideas to your explainer video script is recommended to help lighten the mood. That’s why you want to add some fun moments that help improve the mood of the person watching your video.


Proper explainer video script writing can help differentiate your video from anyone else. You always want to edit and customize your explainer video script to be the best possible version before you start producing your video. Don’t rush; instead, focus on bringing a cohesive and exciting explainer video script. Experimenting is critical here since you always want to throw some ideas and see what sticks. Use these tips above and personalize your writing process; it can lead to some exceptional results!

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